If you’re on social media these days chances are that you have a TikTok account or that you see TikToks on Instagram & Twitter. Whatever the case may be, the often hilarious app just released its trend data for 2021 and you’ll want to check it out. From videos to creators to songs you’ll find all of the data on TikTok’s hottest trends in Canada during 2021.

Let’s start with the top 5 most popular videos in Canada. They came from creators @spencer2thewest, @celinaspookyboo, @k_passionate, @topebabalola, and @callenschaub. Spencer’s video was the most popular with a whopping 25.7 million likes.

@spencer2thewestWee! ? #Wee #fyp #jump #jumping #viral #weememes #weeme @weeememes♬ Follow weeememes – Memes

Next up are the most uplifting TikTok videos of 2021 which came from @jennadsalisbury,@yoleendadong, @marinemammalrescue, @brettstoise, and useless_farm. Jennafer’s video was the most popular with 6.2 million likes thanks to her super cute pup.

@jennadsalisburyMornings with a Husky #goodmorningvideo #funny #funnyvideos #funnyhusky #husky #huskiesoftiktok #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #huskies #happy♬ original sound – Jennafer Salisbury

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Now of course there are those incredibly catchy and viral TikTok tunes. Have any guesses for Canada’s top 10? Well, look below because we’ll bet you jammed out to at least a few of them this year.

1. SugarCrash! – Ely Otto
2. STAY – Justin Bieber & The Kid LAROI
3. Way 2 Sexy – Drake
4. Hot Demon Btches Near U !!! – CORPSE
& Night Lovell
5. Jalebi Baby – Tesher
6. Astronaut In The Ocean – MaskedWolf
7. Adderall (Corvette Corvette) – Popp
8. Buss It – Erica Banks
9. Bundles – Kayla Nicole feat. Taylor
10. Like I Can – Sam Smith

Now, what about viral and new and upcoming creators? Well here are the “TikTok creators,
celebrities, and public figures who broke out and hit new heights this year.” Because we already featured Spencer above, check out #2 on the list, Leenda.

@yoleendadongGetting ready New York da fashion show ✨ #homebody #stayingin #introvertedlife #tiktokfashion #whatiworethisweek #outfitchange♬ Too late posted and forgot to add OG music sorry – ishiniw

1. @spencer2thewest
2. @yoleendadong
3. @shinanova
4. @topebabalola
5. @celinaspookyboo
6. @elpunko
7. @lubalin
8. @tesher
9. @jessiamusic
10. @aqyilaa
11. @iamrealestk

Last but not least are all those super nifty effects and tools that people used to create unique videos. Canada’s top 5 were as follows.

@tiffycooksReply to @alivianajor crispy pan-fried chicken cutlets! #chicken #crispy #easyrecipe♬ original sound – TIFFY COOKS ?

1. Auto Captions – @tiffycooks
2. Green Screen – @jeenie.weenie
3. Longform Video – @kallmekris
4. Video Comment Reply – @cmdr_had-
5. BBNO$ Animal Run – @bbnotiktok