Ah, the Ontario housing market, an interesting place isn’t it? Between cardboard homes and massive abandoned mansions, we’ve seen it all. Or have we? This vacant piece of land less than 30 centimeters wide hit the Toronto housing market and folks are understandably intrigued.

It hit the market last month for $49,999 and takes up a relatively minuscule 0.72 feet by 105 feet between a church and pharmacy at 1060 Danforth Avenue. Its size means that it’s too small for anything to be built on but that hasn’t stopped the interest.

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Photo via Google Maps

In fact, the lot already has three offers according to CTV News. And while the picture above might make the lot look pretty big, the church on the left actually owns about 95% of the patch of grass. With that in mind, you’re probably wondering why the heck someone would want to buy it.

The answer to that is for investment purposes. If either one or both of the neighboring buildings go up for sale, a developer will likely want that tiny slice of land. Considering that the seller purchased the lot for $5k in 2013 means the next time this sells it will probably be for an amount none of us want to think about. Until then you can check out the listing here.