To live and learn your way through this life without buying something impractical is an impossibility. We’re only human and humans make mistakes now and again. From bottled water to Nicolas Cage pillowcases we’re all guilty of buying into a dream – whether that be one convenience, gratification, or, in the case of Black Oxygen Organics – an improvement to their health.

Founded in Ontario, Black Oxygen Organics (or BOO for short,) was a multi-level marketing company that sold products that have been described as both ‘total BS’ and ‘life-changing.’

Dug up from a peat bog in the Ottawa Valley rich with Fulvic-acid, BOO’s best-seller was its $110 bags of soil, which the company promised would prevent customers from ailments or diseases.

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“Fulvic acid is extraordinary in how many bodily functions and systems it supports. It is essential to the metabolic processes of living cells and helps correct cell imbalances,” they wrote on their website.

“It assists with enzyme production, hormone structures and is necessary for the absorption and utilization of vitamins.”

Obviously, $110 is absurd, but the price tag is not actually where the company took a turn for concern.

Once Facebook caught wind of their dirt, the company took off and people all over the world were interested in getting in on it – either my means of purchasing or selling it.


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With a target to meet, some employees got out of hand and would soon start claiming that the dirt could rid of everything from skin diseases and serious illness.

Another outlandish claim? According to video found from NBC, it was that, not only could both protect against and treat Covid-19, it could also be used to “detox” the newly vaccinated.

Alternatively, environmental scientists also began sharing their findings on the product – none of which involved another positive side effect, rather – a warning.

In various studies on the professional skeptics, found that the product actually contained by arsenic and lead – which can be extremely harmful when ingested.


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Thankfully, since this came to light, the company decided to pull the plug – announcing this week that Black Oxygen Organics would close it’s doors for good.

So there you have it. Another weird page in Canada’s bizarre history.