Folks, the comeback of comebacks is here. That’s right. In case you forgot about it, the murder hornet is still a thing. And a few murder hornet queens were just found in Blaine, WA near the US – Canada border.

While there haven’t been any cases of them in BC since last year, it’s still good to know about where they’re at. Why? Well, if there was a giant murder hornet near you, we’re sure you’d want to know that. We would!

So, yes that’s not the greatest news. But it’s good to remember a murder hornet won’t often attack humans unless surprised or provoked. They’re more so a danger to cute little honey bees and other native fauna. And we are all for protecting the bees!

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The Asian giant hornet has been a bit of a problem out in these parts for the last little bit. And they seem to always crop up when things are getting complicated, just to add that one more thing to make things more stressful.

But, this is ultimately good news because the queens have been captured! Hopefully, that slows their spread and, if anything, is two potential nests avoided. And we’re all for that.

While hopefully, the hornets respect the 49th parallel, it’s always good to be on the lookout. Washington officials say be aware of Asian giant hornets, especially if you have wasp nests on your property. If you see any, be sure to report them to the BC government!

If you want to learn more about the Asian giant hornets, you can check out this Washington State press release.