Heads up, architecture lovers! A stunning new building, called the Deloitte Summit, is in its final stages of construction. The new office tower has been a roughly 3-year long project, but now it’s down to the finishing touches! Here’s the scoop.

The Deloitte Summit is the latest project from Westbank Corp., a developer that is undeniably changing the skyline of Vancouver. These are the folks behind the iconic Vancouver House, plus a handful of other notable projects around the city.

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The design comes from the Tokyo-based OSO Architecture, with help from BC’s own Merrick Architecture in bringing it to life. At 24 stories tall, the building features a design unique to Canada, using ‘stacked boxes’ to create a seemingly random optical effect.

Currently, some of the major tenants expected in the building include Deloitte which will occupy 117,000 sq. ft., and Apple taking around 60,000 sq. ft.

This optical effect is highlighting by a series of ‘living walls’. While these have yet to be added, they will help the building blend into the natural backdrop of the North Shore. And of course, it will be pretty cool for future tenants to look out at a wall of green.

While the completion is just listed as sometime in 2021, we have a sneaking suspicion this new project will be open sooner rather than later.