Talk about a yard sale for the history books! A plane auction taking place around Kenya this month is offering buyers with a little money (and a lot of dedication) the opportunity to purchase aircraft for as little as $115USD. And while it’s a real mixed bag, there’s some crazy stuff going up.

First off, shoutout to Reuters for discovering this wild sale. Anyway, last August, the Kenya Airports Authority notified the owners of derelict planes around the country to deal with them, or else they would be seized and put up for sale.

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Well, the time has come, and some 73 different planes, located across various Kenyan airports, are now up on the block. The absolutely insane list includes everything from smaller aircraft (a Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander, with a reserve price of just over $100 CAD) to military jets and even four Boeing 737s.

Of course, the fact that these airplanes have been sitting for over a year (at the minimum) means that they’re not likely to be airworthy anytime soon. Even still, we secretly hope that we’ll get to see a YouTube video with a title like “I Bought 4 Passenger Jets (GIVEAWAY)” in the near future. Please, random YouTube demi-gods, hear our prayers.

You can actually check out the full list of the planes going up for auction right here. Who knows, maybe you’ve got a pal in Kenya with some pocket cash, because even if it just becomes a lawn ornament, who wouldn’t want a plane for under $100?