In the wake of the past couple of days, you might be wondering what you, personally, can do to help. While local, provincial and federal governments all stepped up, a variety of verified fundraisers have been created to help those affected by the recent BC storm.

A new gofundme page has been created specifically for towns, organizations and individuals that have been affected by the BC floods. These fundraisers range from something as simple as getting a family back on their feet, to saving a pet sanctuary, and even relief funds for entire towns like Princeton and Merritt.

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Meanwhile, those looking to help Abbotsford get back on its feet can call the Public Information Line listed above. One thing to note- while volunteers may be required, it is not advised that regular folks try to join relief efforts without receiving specific approval to do so.

Either way, we’re sure that the province is going to be feeling the effects of the recent storm for weeks, if not months to come. So, if you’re looking for ways to help out your fellow residents, these fundraisers related to the BC storm are a great place to start.