While this is more of a reminder than anything, folks should know that the BC Vaccine Card is now in full effect. Starting yesterday at midnight, anyone visiting an event or establishment where the vaccine card is in place will need to be fully vaccinated to do so.

The BC Vaccine Card applies to a variety of services and events, including:

  • Indoor ticketed sporting events with more than 50 people
  • Indoor concerts, theatre, dance and symphony events with more than 50 people
  • Licensed restaurants and cafes and restaurants and cafes that offer table service
  • Nightclubs, casinos and movie theatres
  • Gyms, exercise and dance facilities or studios

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On the flip side, some other services remain open even to those without a BC Vaccine Card, like:

  • Grocery stores, liquor stores and pharmacies
  • Salons, hairdressers and barbers
  • Hotels, resorts, cabins and campsites
  • Retail and clothing stores
  • Public libraries, museums and art galleries

However, any events at these places (say an art exhibition opening night) will require the card if more than 50 people are in attendance. Which, on that note, will become more and more normal, as the BC government also lifted capacity restrictions on a wide range of things today. Looks like the next Canucks home game is going to be a doozy!

For more information, and to get your BC Vaccine Card (if you haven’t already) head to the BC Government website.