Good news for sports fans, music fans, live entertainment fans… heck, just about everyone! Yesterday, the BC Provincial government announced it would be lifting capacity limits in a whole range of situations. What’s more, the changes come on Monday, October 25th! You’ve got a weekend to get acquainted, and we’re here to give you the details.

Basically, all businesses complying with the BC Vaccine Card guidelines (i.e.; checking vaccination status) will once again be allowed to have 100% capacity for events. That means Canucks games, live music concerts, theatre performances, and more will all be going back to normal. Or at least, the closest to normal in over a year.

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What’s more, the requirement to remain seated while dining at a restaurant or visiting a pub will be lifted as well. There are a couple of rules sticking around- mainly, mask requirements will be still in place, and it looks like those aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Additionally, the lifting of capacity limits in BC only applies to regions that are not under other regional health orders. So, Fraser East and parts of the Northern and Interior health regions will not be seeing changes immediately.

For more information on this great piece of news, you can check out the press release in full on the BC Gov website. Have fun next week and stay safe out there!