We’ll be honest- we pay about as much attention to Reader’s Digest rankings as we do those “Chicken Soup for the…” books. But, when a Vancouver company got a shoutout in their roundup of the best tech gifts you can buy this year, we knew we had to talk about it.

The Vancouver company FORM has found a novel way to spice up your next trip to the pool, by bringing your goggles into the 21st century. Released last year, these swim goggles offer a variety of metrics for training, including distance, time and pace.

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And, they do it in a decidedly techy way. The right lens utilizes a Heads Up Display (HUD), which can also be connected to FORM’s app for different workout types and progress updates. We can barely swim a length of a pool, but we do know some people who can easily spend 40 minutes in there, and this seems like the perfect gift.

The FORM Smart Swim Goggles are priced at $259 CAD, and come with a 12-month subscription to the FORM swim app, plus free returns for 30 days. If you’ve got someone who is as comfortable in water as they are out of it, then you might just have the perfect tech Christmas gift on your hands here.