A new kind of Airbnb has launched in Ontario and it could give car rental companies a run for their money. The app is called RideAlike and it’s described as a “premium vehicle sharing hub” where Ontarians can swap, rent, and share their cars.

If you’ve always wanted to go for a joyride in a flashy convertible or are looking for a way to offset the cost of Ontario’s crazy car insurance premiums, this app could be your solution.

The app works exactly like Airbnb, where hosts can post their listings and guests can browse and book them through the platform. Hosts can set their own rules, pricing and availability too.

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There’s no membership fee to sign up, and your booking comes with tons of safety features to make sure your ride goes smoothly, including insurance, 24-hour roadside assistance, convenient pickup and drop off locations, all-digital interactions, professionally sanitized, verified hosts and access to RideAlike support.

As for its side hustle potential, you could make some serious cash. RideAlike told Curiocity that hosts can make up to $750 a month just from renting out their vehicles. If you’re no longer commuting to the office, you can really put your car to good use.

What really makes it unique is the swap feature. You can trade your city sedan for a camper van, a Tesla for a Benz — the possibilities are endless. There’s even a website that lets you swap houses with people in Canada and all over the world for just $11 per month. Seems like swapping could be the future of renting!

You can check out the RideAlike app here to find out more and take it for a spin.