Heads up, movie lovers! The iconic Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) is coming back next month, and it’s celebrating its 40th anniversary in the city! So, naturally, the organizers have pulled out all the stops this go-around. Let’s see what they’ve got planned.

First up- the movies. We’re happy to let you know that all of the feature and short films on the lineup this year will be available to see in person! And with over 110 feature films and 77 shorts, you could absolutely dive into the festival for the entire time that it’s on.

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But, we also recommend checking out all the events that are planned as well. These range from director talks and Q&A’s to workshops and masterclasses from industry insiders. So, whether you’re planning a career in movie-making or just want to know how the creator got a particular shot, these are well worth checking out as well.

Finally, those looking to cozy up at home will be glad to know that a selection of the films will be available on the VIFF Connect streaming platform. However, we won’t hesitate to say that this theatre has some of the best popcorn in the city, so you’re missing out there.

VIFF officially kicks off on October 1st, and will last until October 11th. Tickets are on sale now, and we’re going to check out the full lineup and see what jumps out at us. So, stay tuned for that as well!

Vancouver International Film Festival

When: October 1st to October 11th
Where: Online and in-person options
Cost: Varies per event ($15+ for in-person events)