Although Toronto remains under strict COVID-19 restrictions, every so often you are allowed to venture outside of your home for a little mental health walk. While you’re enjoying the great outdoors, you might as well take in some of the sights of the city. There’s a ton of beautiful murals and street art spots that will spice up any outdoor exploration. As long as you can safely see these spots without breaking the current COVID-19 rules, there’s no reason not to enjoy them.

Editor’s Note: As COVID-19 guidelines are continually changing, make sure you stay up-to-date on the rules and regulations in Toronto. You can find current information about COVID-19 health measures and restrictions here. 

Here are 10 of the coolest murals and street art spots to check out on your next walk in Toronto.


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One of the coolest places in the city for underground art (literally) has got to be Underpass Park. Located beneath the Eastern Avenue and Richmond overpass, this spot is full of eye-catching murals you’ve got to see to believe. It also serves as a recreational space where folks stop by to skateboard, play outdoor sports, and more. We definitely recommend checking this spot out once the summer sun really hits.

Where: 29 Lower River St


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In the west end of the city, you’ll find a walking path that’s decorated to the nines. Yes, we’re talking about the West Toronto Railpath. Stretching along the GO Train tracks, this outdoor oasis has tons of graffiti and murals to admire along the way. On normal days, you could even veer off the path for a quick stop at the Museum of Contemporary Art along the way. Ahh, one day folks. One day.

Where: Check out the map here


As one of the longest public pathways in the city, it’s no surprise the Don River Valley Park is stacked with public art. This stretch spans a whopping 200 hectares with loads of great sights to see along the way. It’s so large you’d have to be pretty darn committed to walking the entire way at once, but even just small sections of the area are full of life. From permanent murals to temporary exhibits, there’s always loads of stuff going on here. We recommend hopping on your bike to explore this outdoor spot.

Where: Check out the map here


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Every year, this Toronto neighbourhood comes to life with the iconic Yorkville Mural Festival. During that time, tons of new works are added to the area to brighten things up. Although the festival is not currently underway, you can stop by any time of the year to check out painted works from festivals past. We definitely recommend trying to spot the massive rooftop seahorse display that was added to the area in 2020. Or, ya know, literally any other one of these insanely gorgeous works.

Where: Yorkville, Toronto

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This pocket of Toronto is so full of great street art that we’re not even narrowing it down to an individual attraction. Every corner of Kensington Market is bursting with bright colours and awesome art. Walk through the entirety of the place to spot loads of murals and graffiti all year round. You may even spot the iconic garden car that lives on Augusta Avenue! Come back once the pandemic passes to enjoy live music and awesome street festivals in the summertime. We can dream, right?

Where: Find it on the map here



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Want to sip some coffee while you admire the street art of the city? This is the mural to hit. You’ve definitely stumbled upon a photo or two of the iconic Toronto wall on Instagram. But did you know it’s actually painted on the side of Strange Love Coffee? If you didn’t, now you do! This tourist hotspot and 6ix rite of passage is a pretty sight to see on a sunny afternoon. Plus, the coffee at Strange Love is pretty darn great too.

Where: Strange Love Coffee, 101 Spadina Ave


Another iconic mural we’re sure you’re familiar with is the “Make Good” mural on Bloor West. Stop by this massive piece of art to take in the intricacies and details that make it what it is. There’s so much going on in this one that we can’t describe it with words. You’ll just have to stop by and see it for yourself! Be sure to snap a pic while you’re there to remind your social media friends that you are still alive.

Where: 835 Bloor St W



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Okay, sure. This next pick is kind of basic. But just because it’s basic, doesn’t mean it isn’t a grand old time. Stop by Calii Love on King West to take the obligatory Instagram post in front of their famous wing mural. While you’re there, be sure to stop by inside for takeout eats like salads, bowls, and delicious smoothies. Street art AND a snack? You know we can’t say no to that.

Where: 367 King St W


Over in Ossington you can check out the second-best strip of murals this city’s got to offer. Or maybe it’s the best? That’s up to you to decide. This spot has tons of gorgeous local works from some of the most talented street artists in the city. Plus, it was just revitalized by The Laneway Project in 2019, so a visit here is sure to be a hit.

Where: Ossington Ave and Queen St W



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Of course, we can’t talk about street art and not mention Toronto’s most famous spot. Graffiti Alley is the cream of the crop when it comes to murals and outdoor works. With every visit here, you’ll discover new parts of the multi-lane street murals that you didn’t notice before. Plus, the collection is constantly growing! There’s really no such thing as boredom when you walk through this bright and vibrant city spot.

Where: 513 Queen St W

So there you have it, Toronto! Hopefully, these bright and beautiful spots will liven up your next outdoor jaunt. If you’d like to check out even more cool street art in your area, you can hit up the StreetARToronto Interactive Map. It’ll show you where to find murals and work in every neighbourhood in the city.

Happy walking, Toronto! Let us know which amazing street art spot you decided to hit up first.