We will be chasing waterfalls this spring with an amazing self-guided driving tour in Grey County, Ontario! This exciting opportunity is a chance to see some of the prettiest sights the province has to offer – all from the comfort (and safety) of your own car! At each stop, stretch your legs and connect with the beautiful cascading falls at every turn. This incredible outing is one you’re sure to remember.

*Editor’s Note: We do not encourage travelling outside of your region or for non-essential purposes at this time. Keep this one in your back pocket for the future!

So the Grey County Waterfall Tour is a 150 km self-guided drive through, well, Grey County. Along the way, you’ll explore falls all over – from the larger towns in the area, like Owen Sound, to the smaller rural spots. It’s certainly quite the change from life in the big city!

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There are 8 gorgeous waterfalls along your trek: Eugenia Falls, Hogg’s Falls, Holstein Dam, Indian Falls, Inglis Falls, Jones Falls, McGowan Falls, and Weavers Creek Falls. Each spot has its own unique and beautiful attributes to discover. To make the most of your experience, we recommend staying the night in Grey County and making the most of small-town hospitality.

grey county waterfall tour
Via visitgrey.ca

Of course, we’ve got to mention the current COVID-19 health measures and restrictions in the province. Although we’d love to hop in our car and take this tour today, it’s best to wait until things are a little safer pandemic-wise.

Still, the amazing Grey County Waterfall Tour is certainly something to look forward to! We can’t wait to explore all the beautiful, natural sights this self-guided tour is serving. Which waterfall are you most looking forward to?


Where: Grey County, Ontario