This could be the most Canadian goal celebration of all time. Tuesday’s Canada vs. Mexico World Cup qualifying match in Edmonton ended with victory for the home team and the players didn’t let the wintry weather get in the way of their moment.

The final-round game ended with a 2-1 score, marking it Canada’s first win over Mexico in two decades, according to CNN. The team is now inching ever closer to a coveted spot in the 2022 World Cup and if they succeed, it’ll be their first appearance since 1986.

It was an electrifying night for Team Canada and their fans, despite the sub-zero temperatures and snowbanks around the edges of the field. In fact, it seems like the cold weather might’ve even worked to the players’ advantage. The pre-game pep talk from Justin Trudeau probably helped too.

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“The fans came out for us today and supported us in the cold. We’ve all grown up in this weather, so we’re used to it,” said Cyle Larin to the outlet.

When it came time to celebrate their win, players took turns diving into the snow and fans on Twitter have already dubbed it a Canadian Heritage Moment.

Canada will take on Honduras in late January, followed by the U.S., for its next round of qualifying matches. Here’s to hoping that the Great White North continues to dominate!