While snow and cold is more or less a guarantee for the FIFA World Cup qualifying match between Canada and Mexico on November 16, it might just also be the coldest soccer game ever. We’re hoping that it isn’t (for fans and players alike) but hey, it would be a weird little bit of history to go down in the city. Here’s the scoop.

From what we could find online, two different professional soccer games are vying for the top spot. A 2018 CONCACAF match between Colorado and Toronto, which took place in Commerce City, Colorado, registered a bone-chilling temperature of -16° Celsius. Meanwhile, a match in Norway back in 2010 clocked in at -14° Celsius, making it the coldest on the European side.

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Well, Edmonton might just take the crown. The current forecast for the match between Canada and Mexico is hovering around -8°, but could ‘feel’ as low as -16° by the time the match ends. So, if things take a turn for the worse, Edmonton might just be hosting the coldest soccer game ever. Pretty fitting for November in Canada, don’t you think?

Of course, we don’t think that the chilly forecast will be much of a deterrent for fans. Just layer up, keep a warm beverage on hand, and enjoy what is sure to be an unforgettable game of soccer.