Today was a big day for Swifties all over North America. In fact, it was almost TOO big. From heavily populated cities in the US to small towns in Canada, millions logged onto Ticketmaster in hopes of scoring Taylor Swift presale tickets only to be met with an error message and a day-ruining realization.

It is not going to be easy to set your eyes on a confirmation email.

According to the company, the site saw ‘unprecedented demand,” and had to reschedule the mad dash for cities on the West Coast to later today.

This, of course, worried those who did not receive a presale code, which was given to select fans and had people on Twitter theorizing what Friday’s general sale might look like.

Canadians in particular were devasted, as those who got verified despite their residency were booted out or watched their countdown go from minutes to hours due to problems with the website.

Others have given up hope completely – begging the artist to announce Canadian tour dates before November 18th so that they wouldn’t be let down.

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Earlier this month, Swift confirmed that an international tour was in the works but did not confirm whether she would be coming north of the border.

In addition, many also expressed that they’re afraid there she’ll only visit a few cities – which is something that anyone who does not live in Toronto or Vancouver can sympathize with.

Twitter is chaotic today, Canada – but we still want to know what you think!

Were you trying to get tickets today, are you waiting on more dates or is all of this just really silly to you? Let us know!

We haven’t seen demand like this since Harry took Toronto!