Do you remember the first time you heard the Bridgerton ballroom version of Wildest dreams? So do we. Sadly while haven’t figured out how to bottle that feeling yet – but we think it’s possible to recreate it. This month, those who appreciate the icon’s discography in every form are encouraged to wear their Saturday best for a series of candlelit Taylor Swift tribute concerts in Calgary.

Featuring the talented Listeso String Quartet and hundreds of brightly lit wicks, fans can enjoy classics like Lover, Cardigan, and Love Story in the dark of various ambient venues around the city.

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From the Hangar flight museum to the Lantern Community church, these venues are incredibly intimate and totally set the mood for a stunning performance- so snag your tickets now!

For more information, or to get yours now you can visit their website below.

Heck, maybe we’ll see you there! We’ll be the ones uncontrollably sobbing during All Too Well. 


When: June 24th, 25th and August 5th
Where: Various venues
Time: 7:30 pm
Cost: $40