Your first name, just like where you grow up, or how much money your family has, is a card you were dealt at birth; and though most of you probably haven’t put a whole lot of thought into your moniker, some have been forced to deal with the consequence of their parent’s actions since birth. Luckily, companies like App In The Air are here, giving those who have been a victim of title-related teasing a little boost in the form of a travel credit.

As anyone who ever giggled at the name Harry or Dick knows for a fact, a name, if shared by a body part, adjective or object, can be used to vilify someone who doesn’t deserve it.

In fact, we’ve also seen this in cases where people just share a name with someone controversial and this month, with the re-release of Taylor Swift’s Red album, those named Jake became public enemy #1.

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Due to the popularity of the 10-minute long track All Too Well, which delves into details of the singer’s relationship to Jake Gyllenhaal, the actor has been heavily scrutinized for everything from manipulation to pretentious behaviour.

In the thick of it, “F*ck Jake” started trending, leaving those who before had it pretty good dragged through the mud for something much bigger than them.


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To rectify this – the travel app is now giving 5 lucky North Americans the chance to win $300 credit to get outta town and unplug.

As long as your name is Jake entering the contest is incredibly easy.

All you have to do is email a copy of your ID to [email protected] by Monday, December 13th – then be patient.

Winners will be randomly selected and contacted by App In The Air in the following days.

Check it out, good luck – and remember – don’t take it personally. The internet is a crazy place and it’ll all blow over soon enough. They don’t hate you, they hate a famous person for having a million-dollar couch and a 20-year old girlfriend.