It’s not every day in Toronto that you walk through a narrow mall entrance to get to one of the most sought-after reservations in the city. Which is why we love the Sunnys Chinese experience, right from the start.

If you haven’t heard yet, Sunnys Chinese, which opened as a pop-up initially, now has a restaurant location in Kensington Market. Located through the Kensington Mall entrance at 60 Kensington Avenue, the walk into the new space may bring back memories to those who know the area. Sunnys has fully renovated the old Cold Tea location, making it almost unrecognizable.

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Having been called the “funky downtown cousin to MIMI Chinese”, Sunnys is another great addition to Toronto’s culinary scene, offering dishes inspired by regional traditions, created by Co-Owner and Executive Chef, David Schwartz and Culinary Partner, Chef Braden Chong.

“From Shaokao spots in Chengdu and Xi’An to Dai Pai Dongs in Hong Kong, we look to regional traditions to create an experience that’s casual and playful – a place you discover with friends,” the restaurant stated when it first opened its doors late summer.

Husband + Wife Beef/ Curiocity

The menu here is quite different than MIMI. It is divided into Cold and Hot dishes, as well as Charcoal, which includes the house dry rub. For those trying items from the menu for the first time, the friendly staff will always be happy to offer up recommendations. Some of the most popular items on the Cold menu include the XXX Tè Là Spicy Jerky, and the Husband + Wife Beef, both of which have a great spicy kick to them.

There are several noodle items on the menu, including the Yibin Burning Noodle, and the Silver Needle Noodle, which we highly recommend. Probably one of the best and most original noodle dishes out there at the moment, the Silver Needle Noodle has a black mushroom and soy base that will leave you craving it over the following days.

Silver Needle Noodle/Curiocity

Sunnys has three options under its Charcoal list, including the Dry Pot Shrimp, Chinese Heritage Chicken, and Lamb Ribs – which is a playful and tasty take on ribs as we know it.

For its cocktails, Sunnys has a selection of baijiu, the best-selling liquor in the world (but rare in Canada), distilled from fermented sorghum. It includes the Baijiu Long Island Iced Tea, but also fun takes on martinis like the Pear Vesper, which includes Chinese pear.

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If you’ve ever wondered what Soy Milk Soft Serve would taste like, Sunnys Chinese has a small (but mighty) Not Too Sweet menu that includes it.

So when we say this is a hot spot, we mean it. Reservations are highly recommended for Sunnys, as they book up far in advance. And now we know why!

Entrance to Sunnys/Curiocity

Sunnys Chinese

When: Open Thursday to Monday
Where: 60 Kensington Avenue through the Kensington Mall entrance