The Great North is a country full of surprises, but few are as enchanting as Stone Hall – the “only medieval-style castle” in Canada!

Located in Regina, Saskatchewan this 10,000-square-foot palace is practically frozen in time and features thousand-year-old limestone which was imported from Greece, antique furniture, light fixtures and tapestries.

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In addition,  it also has modern amenities like a washer and dryer, heated flooring, a theatre, and a hot tub, as well as a touching backstory about love, devotion and wealth.

According to their website, the castle was built by Francis Nicholson Darke after a brutal cyclone ripped through downtown Regina in 1912.

“Legend has it that his beloved wife Annie was so shaken by that event that she pleaded with him to build a home where she could feel safe again,” the write on their website.

“If it weren’t for this natural disaster, this castle would probably never have been built. In his early sixties, with the children all grown, Darke set out to build his Annie her fortress.”

As promised the castle kept them safe until the very end, then sat empty for a number of years before being converted into a funeral home.

In 2003, it was purchased and converted again, this time by real estate investor Jason Michael Hall who was determined to breathe life back into the building.

Years later, and Stone Hall is bustling with visitors who take tours, hold weddings and even stay overnight.

From beginnings to birthday parties, vacations, and anniversaries this place has really seen it all and should be on your Canadian bucket list.

Happy visiting and enjoy.

There’s really nothing like it!

Stone Hall Castle – Regina, Saskatchewan 

Where: 2210 College Ave, Regina
Instagram: @stonehallcastle