Get ready for an autumn stroll like no other. The Spruce Bog Boardwalk Trail at Algonquin Provincial Park is easily one of the most breathtaking trails in Ontario this time of year.

Spanning 1.5 km, this loop trail meanders through several sections of boardwalk among the towering trees.

According to Friends of Algonquin Park, the trail gives you an “excellent close-up look of two typical northern spruce bogs.”

Located conveniently off of the Highway 60 corridor, this spot is also very accessible for bird watching, says the Ontario Trails Council.

It takes about two hours to complete and is described as easy terrain.

However, you’ll want to wear waterproof footwear as these bogs are full of moisture.

The Ontario Trails Council describes the bogs as “small, sheltered ponds and lakes” that will “slowly be overgrown by a floating mat of vegetation, consisting of sedges, mosses, and other plants.”

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Eventually, these mats become thick and strong enough to stand on, and many species have adapted to these conditions and thrive there.

Algonquin is a popular destination all year round, but in the fall, it draws thousands of visitors from around the world for its extraordinarily colourful leaves.

The poplars (aspens), Tamaracks, and Red Oaks put on a spectacular display of red, orange, and gold through October.

The vibrant hues combined with the sunshine sparkling off of the lakes will simply take your breath away, with endless hiking trails and paddling routes to soak up the views from every angle.

Ontario Parks is helping visitors prepare for this busy time of year by making 100% of all daily vehicle permits available in advance online.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to see Ontario’s autumn leaves in all their glory!

Spruce Bog Boardwalk Trail 

Where: Kilometre 42.5 of Highway 60, Algonquin Provincial Park