We haven’t reached the end of beach season yet here in Ontario, and we might have saved the best for last! The Southhampton beaches are described as “beautiful and unspoiled,” and there are so many reasons why this spot is worth a visit this season.

Located on the shores of Lake Huron in Bruce County, Southampton’s beaches will make you feel like you’re somewhere in the tropics.

There are several beaches to visit in the area, each of them boasting a different feature that makes it unique.

The Main Beach stretches for 4 kilometres and is said to be a quieter spot, and the fragile sand dune system is home to rare dune grass that’s worthy of a photo op.

Dune grass is not only beautiful to look at, but it’s also a vital part of the Appellation and Songbird Migration Routes.

At South Street Beach, benches and swing sets dot the sandy shores, so you can swing the day away or sit back and enjoy the sunset.

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Pioneer Park Beach has a scenic walking path along the Saugeen River and is the ideal spot for a picnic overlooking the water.

There’s also Long Dock Beach and Miramichi Bay, as well as several beaches north of the Saugeen River.

At Long Dock, you’ll find the one and only fast-food spot along the beach, which is said to serve up the most legendary french fries, according to Southampton’s tourism website.

Miramichi Bay is for nature lovers, with ample opportunities to spot wildlife and migrating birds, as well as the sunrise and sunset.

Needless to say, you’ll have the ultimate beach day in Southampton. So, keep your eye on the forecast because this is a day trip worth taking!