Day trip, anyone? This stunning conservation area near Toronto has a leisurely boardwalk trail around a rare body of water known as Crawford Lake.

Located in Milton, the boardwalk trail spans 1.8 km and loops around the lake, and weaves through lush forest landscapes.

According to All Trails, this easy stroll takes around 23 minutes to complete, but you will definitely want to pause along the way for those scenic views.

Crawford Lake is not only beautiful to look at, but it is a meromictic lake that is steeped in fascinating natural history.

This lake shimmers with bright blue and green hues. It’s one of the very few meromictic lakes in Canada, where different layers of water don’t intermix, creating a mesmerizing sight.

This separation allows the material at the bottom of the lake to remain undisturbed for periods of over 1,000 years, according to historical records.

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Scientists recently made a fascinating discovery at Crawford Lake – ancient corn pollen deep in the sediments of the lake, indicating the presence of First Nations groups settling in the area 600 years ago.

Earlier this summer, the lake made international headlines for providing evidence that Earth is now in a new geological time period, or epoch, called Anthropocene.

As you marvel at the blue-green hues of the lake, you can also contemplate the scientific discoveries that have shaped our understanding of Earth.

There is so much to explore in this conservation area, including a medicine garden, a 15th-century Longhouse Village, and an educational Species at Risk trail.

From gorgeous scenery to archaeological and scientific wonders, Crawford Lake is an inspiring place that will give you a whole new appreciation for nature.

Crawford Lake Conservation Area 

Where: 3115 Conservation Road, Milton
Cost: $10.50 per adult, $7.25 per child (5-14)