There are few things we love more than summer days spent on secret beaches, and we can’t wait to tell you about this hidden gem. Little Cove Beach is a small but absolutely gorgeous destination you have to visit while the weather is warm.

Located on the breathtaking and rugged Lake Huron shoreline in Tobermory, Little Cove Beach isn’t your typical sandy beach.

This beach has small pebbles instead of sand and is surrounded by incredible limestone carvings known as karst.

According to Visit Tobermory, karst pavement consists of “limestone surfaces with potholes and twists caused by natural, acidic erosion.”

These eroded rocks form beautiful shapes that rise above the glistening turquoise water.

The refreshing and crystal-clear lake is a great spot for a swim as you soak up your surroundings.

The natural features of Little Cove Beach include barrens, scrub cliffs, and palisade woodlands — and karst pavements, of course.

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The beach and surrounding trails tend to get busy in the summer and there is limited parking available because the lot is very small.

For that reason, reservations are required in advance and parking is limited to four-hour time slots.

Roadside parking is not allowed and reservations are required until October 15th.

You can reserve your parking spot online right here.

This beach is part of Bruce Peninsula National Park, which is considered a national treasure by locals and visitors alike.

There are incredible sights to see in and around the park, including the natural Grotto, Overhanging Point, and Lion’s Head Lookout.

So, grab your swimsuit and hit the road because this spot is worth crossing off your list this summer!

Little Cove Beach

Where: 242 Little Cove Road, Tobermory