And just like that, there’s another 15 to 25 cm of snow on the way for Toronto. The snowfall is expected to hit later today, and before it, the city is going to see a lot of rain.

Due to both weather systems, Toronto is currently under a snowfall warning, as well as a special weather statement because of the rain.

According to the snowfall warning issued by Environment Canada, total amounts of 15 to 25 cm of snow is expected, with snow being heavy at times late this afternoon through Friday morning.

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“A low pressure system is expected to track just south of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario tonight which will bring a messy mix of wintry precipitation to southern Ontario,” reads the warning.

“Rain is expected to transition to snow late this afternoon or early this evening. Freezing rain and ice pellets are also possible this afternoon or early this evening during the transition.”

And due to significant rainfall, the weather statement was also issued.

According to Environment Canada, total rainfall amounts of 10 to 25 mm are possible by this afternoon.

The rain is expected to transition to snow this morning or this afternoon.

But the weather will warm up by the weekend.

“While conditions remain well below seasonal on Friday, a warming trend is expected throughout the weekend and into next week, possibly bringing multiple days of very mild, even spring-like weather,” states The Weather Network.

For now, get that winter coat out, the umbrella, and the shovel. You’ll need all today.