As the government lifts the PCR test requirements for travellers, Canada has also lifted its global travel advisory.

Since December, a red notice on the Canadian government’s website noted to “Avoid non-essential travel outside Canada due to the risk of the Omicron variant that causes COVID-19.” The advisory overrides all other advisories on the government’s travel page, and that is finally changing.

“The Government of Canada will adjust its Travel Health Notice from a Level 3 to a Level 2. This means that the Government will no longer recommend that Canadians avoid travel for non-essential purposes,” it stated in a release earlier this month, adding that “travellers should understand the risks that are still associated with international travel given the high incidence of Omicron, and take necessary precautions.”

As of February 28, the advisory has been lifted, as well as when most of the PCR testing requirements.

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“The Public Health Agency of Canada is advising travellers to practise enhanced health precautions when travelling internationally,” states the government’s website as of February 27.

The adjustments to current border measures represents the beginning of a phased easing of travel restrictions for Canada.

Here are the border measures changing as of February 28th, including the new stance on PCR test requirements in Canada:

  • Return to the random testing surveillance program for all vaccinated travellers
  • Those who are selected for random testing will no longer be required to quarantine while awaiting test results
  • Lifting restrictions for children under the age of 12, who are not vaccinated but travelling with fully vaccinated adults, no longer required to self-isolate, and no testing requirements
  • Fully vaccinated travellers can now choose between EITHER an authorized COVID-19 rapid antigen test OR a PCR test to meet pre-entry requirements. Those opting for an antigen test will need to get it within 24 hours of flight departure/arrival at a land border
  • Canada’s Travel Health Notice will go from ‘Level 3’ to ‘Level 2’, which means the removal of the advisory against non-essential travel to foreign countries, but will still recommend ‘caution’ when travelling abroad

Travelling in and out of Canada will certainly look different starting tomorrow.