We guess not every part of British Columbia got the ‘it’s time for fall’ memo, because there have already been verified reports of snow in some parts of the province. Yesterday, the DriveBC Twitter page shared two snaps of a snow-covered highway. In the middle of September, and in the middle of the province. We’re not joking.

The ‘Okanagan Connector’ (Highway 97C), which is located between Merritt and Kelowna, was the site of the snowfall. Specifically, it hit the Elkhart Lake region, which is on the same latitude as Kelowna. And here we were, thinking it was Alberta that always gets hit first!

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Luckily, the snow only seemed to last the night, and there’s no further snowfall in the forecast for the area. But, this is a good reminder to drivers that at least all cars need to have ‘Mud + Snow‘ capabilities for their tires. However, those rules don’t come into place until October 1st, so maybe just be extra careful for the rest of the month.

In the meanwhile, we’re going to pray to Mother Nature to look favourably upon us. We’re barely ready for the rainy season, and now there’s snow in other parts of British Columbia? No way, not if we can help it.