It pains us to say it but summer is nearing its end. Rather than get bummed out about the changing seasons, we’ve rounded up our favourite spots to see fall colours in Vancouver. You know, just in case you’re not quite ready for spooky season. After all, this city is not immune to a little bit of fall foliage, and we want to make the most of it!

Here are 10 of the best places to see fall colours in Vancouver this year.

Queen Elizabeth Park

fall colours vancouver
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Full disclosure- we’re starting with our best foot forward for this list. Queen Elizabeth Park turns into an incredible option for a walk during the fall. Take in the changing foliage as you explore, then head to the lookout point for a gorgeous view of the city and the mountains behind it.

Where: 4600 Cambie Street

Nitobe Memorial Garden

nitobe memorial
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These next two picks aren’t free, but oh boy are they worth the price of admission. The Nitobe Memorial Garden at UBC offers one of the most relaxing and beautiful fall walks not just in Vancouver, but all of Canada (our opinion). The Japanese garden setting becomes a sea of autumn colours, and is perfect for when you need to immerse yourself in a quiet part of the city.

Where: 1895 Lower Mall, UEL
Cost: $5

VanDusen Botanical Garden

fall colours vancouver
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While it’s a little more expensive than Nitobe, VanDusen makes up for it with a much larger area to explore and way more diversity in the plants. Plus, we weirdly think that exploring their unique hedge maze is one of the best fall experiences you can have outside.

Where: 5251 Oak Street
Cost: $11.70

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Burnaby Mountain Park

burnaby mountain
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Ok, time for a few Metro Vancouver picks. Burnaby Mountain Park has the best of both worlds for the fall. You can experience all the fall foliage while you’re walking around, then you’ll be treated to one of the best vistas once you reach the top. Not feeling like a climb is on your to-do list this fall? Don’t worry- there’s a parking lot right beside the lookout.

Where: 100 Centennial Way, Burnaby

Third Beach

fall colours vancouver
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One of our few beach picks for this list, Third Beach combines the best that Stanley Park has to offer during the fall. Add in the chance to take in an autumn sunset, and this is more than worthwhile to take a walk to on a sunny fall day. Of course, maybe keep it as a flyby on rainier days.

Where: Stanley Park Drive

Jericho Beach

jericho beach
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Not only is the park gorgeous, but this beach offers one of the best vistas of the Vancouver skyline. It’s less busy than Kits Beach too, so you won’t have to fight off other people in order to get your viewpoint. The final kicker? It’s a popular spot for dog walking, which means dog spotting for you!

Where: 3241 Point Grey Road

Grouse Mountain

fall colours vancouver
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Grouse Mountain offers the quintessential view of Vancouver from above. Sure, it might be a ‘grind’ to get up there, but you’ll be rewarded with a stunning vista of Vancouver, the ocean, and the rest of the Lower Mainland. Catch it on a super clear day and you might even see Mt. Rainier in the distance.

Where: 6400 Nancy Greene Way

Cypress Mountain Highview Lookout

cypress mountain
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The Cypress Mountain lookout definitely isn’t as popular as the Grouse Grind. But! This one does save you like 2800 stairs to climb and is still absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for a quick afternoon trip to West Van, and a great way to see Metro Vancouver without a literal hike up a mountain.

Where: Cypress Bowl Road, West Vancouver

Lighthouse Park

fall colours vancouver
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For our last North Shore pick, we’re opting for Lighthouse Park. This stunning lookout sits at the end of a beautiful, forest trail that offers some wonderful fall colours. For this pick, we say pack a picnic and enjoy a late lunch as you take it all in.

Where: 4902 Beacon Lane

Trout Lake

trout lake
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To wrap up this list, we’re offering one of the most accessible places to see fall colours in Vancouver, bar none. Trout Lake (and by extension John Hendry Park) is a 27-acre urban oasis that offers amazing walks and glimpses of the mountains beyond. Honestly, this is a spot we’d rather visit in the fall than the summer.

Where: 3300 Victoria Drive

Ok folks, that’s our guide to some of the best places to see fall colours in Vancouver this year. If you’re looking for your next afternoon walk spot, then any of these is an amazing option.