Wow, seeing an updated schedule from the CF Snowbirds reminded us of just how crazy 2020 was, but we’re not here to get bummed about the past. Instead, we’re sharing the news that this incredible squadron, showing the skills of Canada Armed Forces members, is returning to the skies starting this June. Here’s the scoop.

The 2021 tour will actually commemorate the 50th anniversary of the squadron. Originally a fighting unit in the Second World War, the Snowbirds first started doing demonstrations for the public way back in 1971. These days, their shows feature some fifty different maneuvers and formations, the result of six months of intense training.

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The Snowbirds will be making stops in or near many major Canadian cities. And, the list includes places near Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. Sadly, not all stops will feature demonstrations, but you’ll still be able to see them soaring past.

So, keep this in the back of your mind this summer, Canada! For more information on the tour, just click here.