Do you like to live dangerously? Well, roll up your sleeves and remember to breathe because Edmonton’s Aces N’ Spades Tattoo shop might be one of the most daring ways to get inked in Alberta.

With two locations within the city, this one-of-a-kind stop offers a variety of unusual experiences to the brave and indecisive.

While they also take traditional appointments and do consultations with those who know what they want, ANST is known by many as THE place to get a ‘mystery tattoo.’


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Depending on what your budget is, customers who are willing to roll the dice can play one of their four chance-style games, or can place their arm in their ‘tattoo glory hole,’ have their tarot read and inked, or leave the decision up to their BFF who will choose a tattoo for them and vice versa.

From a gumball, slot, and claw machine to their Plinko-style board, mystery tattoo games range anywhere between $100 and $300 – but chose wisely!

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After you’ve played and have won your design, the artist will adjust the design to better suit you – but it’s mostly up to Lady Luck!

To check out the shop or to book an appointment check out their website below – good luck! 


Where: 9939-63 Ave. NW | 12203-118 Ave. NW, Edmonton
Instagram: @aces_n_spades_tattoo