We’ll be completely honest about it- if more NFT collections had the same approach as Shiba Shelter NFT out of Vancouver, then we’d probably be writing about them a whole lot more. Sure, they’re selling drawings of animals online (not exactly a new idea), but they’re also using those sales to help out dog shelters around the world. And that, friends, is something that’s pretty easy to get behind.

Launched by two friends in Vancouver, Shiba Shelter first started selling NFTs back in November of last year. They ended up creating 5,555 images in all, and used milestones (1,000 sold, 3,000 sold, and so on…) to make donations to dog shelters that buyers and community members had voted on. Over the past few weeks, they’ve managed to donate some 11.17 ETH (around $47,000 CAD at the time of writing) to shelters around the world.

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Their latest donation, to commemorate selling out the collection, also meant donating 9 ETH to the top 10 shelters that their community voted on. That list included everything from the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in America to ones that focus on rescuing animals suffering on the streets or in the wild. Unfortunately, the requirement that each shelter had to be able to accept cryptocurrency donations meant that no Canadian societies made the list.

But, since Shiba Shelter makes ongoing donations based on proceeds and royalties on an ongoing basis, we’re hoping that this is just the start of the wave. Who knows, maybe we’ll see cute little house NFTs going towards homeless shelters, or tiny little fishes for ocean conservation. Like we said at the start, we really like the idea.

For more information on Shiba Shelter NFT you can check out their website. Have fun out there and don’t spend too much, folks!