Toronto’s home to some pretty great people — chart-topping artists, talented athletes, and apparently, beautiful women, according to Shaquille O’Neal. The former NBA star visited many cities throughout his career but didn’t hesitate when he was asked which of them had the most attractive locals.

Shaq appeared on the Full Send podcast, hosted by social media pranksters the Nelk Boys, last week. When he was asked which city had the prettiest women, he replied, “Toronto and Dallas,” followed by New York and Miami. He later added L.A. to the list too.

“Toronto, you think? That’s where I’m from,” said host Kyle Forgeard with a proud smile. “Yeah, Toronto is off the chain,” replied Shaq. The athlete was then asked about his type, to which he replied, “I’m into nice people.”

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“If you’re nice and we have a little vibe, then we’ll get to know each other,” he said.

The boys went on to ask Shaq for some dating advice, and the former baller said that Instagram is the best way to meet people. “I tried to get on Tinder but they didn’t believe it was me,” he said.

His favourite way to let women know he’s interested is with a smile, and then starting off with a joke like introducing himself as Lebron James. “Then I’ll just go real slow and real sweet with it,” he said.

While Canada is frequently celebrated for its beauty, its citizens rarely get the same recognition. So, thank you Shaq for acknowledging what we already know is true!