Now, this may surprise you – but a writer’s salary certainly won’t cover the cost of a luxury, first-class-type vacation. However, if it did – we’d be on this faster than a Gen Z-er jumping Juicy Couture first into Y2K fashion trend. Just imagine what it would be like to board a private plane and travel to various luxury destinations across Canada. Everything is included, you’re treated like royalty and the food is some of the best you’ve ever had – incredible, right?

Well, for the low, low price of $36,900 per person this northern dream can now become a reality thanks to TC’s World Travel, a company that has put together an insane package that has middle-class folks like us, quaking.

Seriously, guys, this trip is wild – but hard to fathom, so let’s break it down.

Okay, so this particular trip takes around 11 days – during which you’ll be whisked away to 3 different destinations at what they describe as a “moderate pace.”

Not only is a small jet included for you and your 6 guests, so is any travel by car, all of your hotels and even gratuity – so… good for you.

First, you’ll fly to Banff, Alberta to meet an experienced guide who will first, take you to the Banff Fairmont Springs Hotel to get settled. After, they’ll you around to world-renowned places like the Sulphur Mountain Gondola, Lake Agnes Tea House near the stunning Lake Louise, the Ice Fields Parkway and Moraine Lake.

Wine, dine, mix, mingle, then pack up because next, you’ll be flying to Kelowna!

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Days 5 and 6 are spent in the Okanogan Valley where you’ll practically sip your way from winery to winery. Here, you’ll be staying at the prestigious Royal Kelowna Hotel – which is located on the water, has an infinity pool and some of the largest luxury suites in the region.

Your last stop is Nimmo Bay, where you’ll spend the remainder of the trip exploring the area via safari, kayak and by taking a few unreal hikes before and after dining at the finest restaurants. Your accommodation on this leg? The Nimmo Bay Resort, a family-owned and operated property with a waterfall-sided hot tub, wood-fired saunas and a spa.


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Alas, though we feel more relaxed than ever just fantasizing about it, that was all just a taste of what can be. Apparently, you can even customize your experience if all of this just isn’t extravagant enough – but what do you think folks?

Are you going to start saving your money to travel to a few luxury destinations in Canada? Do you believe it would be worth it? Let us know!