One of Seattle’s most famous man-made landmarks, the “Sinking Ship” parking garage, has made a list of the 10 coolest parking garages in the world. This is one of the best examples of “weird flex, but ok” that we’ve seen, but we’re proud nonetheless.

The ranking was put together by architecture and design publication Architzer in collaboration with, a parking site. To say that these two put together a completely unbiased and official world ranking is a stretch but we’re at least happy they included our Sinking Ship.

Actually, the Sinking Ship, coming in at number 4,  was the only American parking garage included on the list. Using some quick thinking, we guess that means we have the coolest parking garage in the country? Not bad at all.

sinking ship seattle

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Obviously, we Seattleites know just how cool we are. Year after year, we have awesome festivals, some of the world’s best concerts, and dish out some of the best food around. That being said, it’s nice when we get a little recognition from the rest of the world. After all, seeing Seattle on global rankings of anything is kind of like a nice little peer review.

Designed by the local architectural team of Mandeville and Berge (M&B), Sinking Ship Garage has become a favorite of tourists and homegrown Seattleites alike. Typically, a parking garage would be the least interesting building no matter its location, but M&B took it upon themselves to make this Seattle one shine.