Ride a glass-domed train through the Rocky Mountains this summer

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Listen up, travel lovers! You can now venture across the Rocky Mountains inside a glass-domed train. Give the air travel a rest, leave your Toyota in the garage, and take in some of the best views in the world in the comfort of a luxury train. Plus, why does hitting up a gorgeous travel destination mean you have to hop on a plane down south? Well, it doesn’t and you don’t.

rocky mountaineer rocky mountains train

Founded in 1990, Rocky Mountaineer has grown from an ambitious travel service to the busiest privately owned passenger train service in all of North America. Not bad at all. Based up in Vancouver, it currently operates four different train routes that journey through B.C., Alberta, and Washington.

rocky mountaineer rocky mountains train

To be honest, these train journeys through the Rocky Mountains don’t come cheap. That being said, the accolades that Rocky Mountaineer has gathered over the years have definitely shown that the price is worth it.

Popular packages run from 5-8 days long and start at around $2000 USD. Feeling boujee? Step up for a cruise/train journey combo that can run up to $10K USD. Honestly, there are packages set up for whatever you’re feeling, so start saving! With regards to routes, here are the four that Rocky Mountaineer offers:

Coastal Passage

  • Route: Seattle > Vancouver > Canadian Rockies

Rainforest to Gold Rush

  • Route: Vancouver > Whistler > Quesnel > Jasper

Journey through the Clouds

  • Route: Vancouver > Kamloops > Jasper

First Passage to the West

  • Route: Vancouver > Kamloops > Lake Louise > Banff

Oh, and you can get Circle Journeys so that you start and finish in the same city! After all, a round trip is a lot more convenient than wrapping your vacation thousands of miles away from home. Plus, the majority of these packages begin and end in Canada, so setting yourself up with a round trip from Seattle should be the first thing you do.

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rocky mountaineer rocky mountains train

The food services and amenities on the train are top-notch, so don’t stress about having an uncomfortable journey. Instead, prep every single camera you’ve got and get ready to snap bears, elk, moose, seven different mountain ranges, and landscapes straight out of a movie.

There is plenty of more information to know before you dive in, so feel free to do your own research. In the meantime, feel free to daydream along with us about your next Rocky Mountain adventure.

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