Remember the good old days of heading to the video store? You could browse hundreds maybe even thousands of titles and pick up your favorite snacks to take home. It was really the best and an experience that things like Netflix don’t even come close to. Sadly, Seattle’s last family-owned video store is closing.

Reckless Video has graced Seattle’s Maple Leaf neighborhood for 30 years. It’s watched as home entertainment has gone from VHS to DVD and of course to streaming. Not to mention, Reckless Video survived through three recessions and a 2001 fire that destroyed the OG shop.

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But we all know that times are changing and things have been especially rough for small businesses during the pandemic. Sadly, means Reckless Video’s time has come to an end as it’s no longer financially viable to keep it open. That being said, this store has left a mark on many Seattleites’ lives and will not be forgotten.

So if you still have a DVD player and want to support a local business we recommend heading over to Reckless Video. You have until July 31st to show them some love. And let this be a reminder to diversify where you watch your movies. You can always rent from Scarecrow Video or watch films from SIFF.

Farewell, Reckless Video. Have a great week folks.

Reckless Video

Where: 9020 Roosevelt Way NE
When: Until July 31st