One of the most spectacular full moons of this year is just a few days away. On May 26th you’ll be able to enjoy not only a supermoon but also a blood moon, due to a lunar eclipse. And don’t worry, the blood moon may sound ominous but it’s actually pretty dang cool.

Basically, a blood moon happens when the Earth gets directly between the moon and the sun. This hides the moon from the sun’s light and casts a stunning red glow. We feel like it could also be called a ring of fire since you it produces an eerie ring of light around the moon.

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Now that you know this moon isn’t anything to be spooked by, here’s how to catch a glimpse of it. Basically, on May 26th, the moon will be visible worldwide depending on weather conditions. So all you have to do is turn your eyes towards the sky at the peak of the eclipse which is 11:19:52 UTC.

Now if you don’t want to stay up to watch the eclipse you can still see this spectacular full moon between 08:47:39 UTC-13:49:41 UTC. It’s well worth taking a peak because it’s probably one of 2021’s coolest moon and it’s a great way to start summer if you ask us. If you’d like to learn more you can click here.