It’s safe to say summer is here right? Well, it’s certainly in the air and chances are that you’re wondering what to expect when it comes to this summer’s weather. Like most Seattle weather, it’s going to have its ups and downs but let’s take a look at what you can expect.

It’s always important to get a few different takes on a subject so we’re starting with good old trusty Farmers Almanac. They predict June to have an average temperature of 60 and be mostly sunny and warm but also with periods of heat and also thunderstorms. During July they’ve predicted an average temperature of 66 and some cooler temperatures but again periods of heat and thunderstorms.

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Then we have the National Weather Service coming in hot on Twitter with a warning of “drier and warmer than normal conditions for the Pacific Northwest”. Plus they also mention that we’re seeing below-average rainfall for the 3rd month in a row. We’re going to assume that June will become the 4th consecutive month and you know what that means, wildfires.

The WA Department of Ecology hopped on Twitter to warn of a drought advisory for most counties in Washington. Luckily, King county is excluded but who’s to say what summer will bring. Regardless of whether or not we have a drought advisory, it’s a good reminder to be conservative with your water use. And of course, don’t be careless if you’re having a fire, especially if you’re out in nature.

We’re writers by trade and not meteorologists but we have to say it looks like Seattle will have a hot and dry summer. So that means it’s time to start booking those lakefront and cabin getaways and you might want to invest in an AC. Please make sure to drink enough water and most importantly, have fun!