It’s cold then it isn’t, it’s rainy, then it isn’t. We all know that Seattle weather is highly unpredictable at its best. That being said, hot temperatures are on their way to the city and sticking around for at least a few days. Here’s when you can expect to see the hottest temperatures so far this year.

According to the Weather Network, Seattle’s current warmish 60-degree temperatures will be on the rise as of Wednesday. Temperatures will jump from 61 degrees to 66, then 68 on Thursday, and up to 73 on Friday. On Saturday, expect to see temperatures as high as 77 and on Sunday as high as 81.

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Photo via the Weather Network

Keep in mind that the mean average temperature for this time of year is 57.9 degrees, according to NWS. That means, those high temperatures are over 20 degrees higher than what’s normal this time of year. 

According to NWS, the last time it was 80 degrees in Seattle was in October so get ready to welcome warmer days this weekend, whether you’re ready or not.

Don’t forget your sunscreen, and enjoy the much-needed Vitamin D.