Looking to end summer with an unforgettable experience? Well, Formula 1 go-karting aka Formula Karting is coming to Seattle! It’s a thrilling motorsport that involves racing lightweight, open-wheeled go-karts on a closed circuit. Here’s what to expect and what to know.

The go-karts used in F1 racing aren’t your average karts. They’re designed for speed and maneuverability, with powerful engines and aerodynamic features that allow them to reach high speeds and take tight turns with precision.

The upcoming Formula Karting event in Seattle takes place September 16th & 17th outdoors on 1st Ave N. Despite the pro-sounding name, the event is open to racers of all levels.

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Participants in the F1 Go Kart Racing event in Seattle will have the opportunity to compete against one another in a 15-minute race. The races will take place on an outdoor track built for a fun yet challenging experience.

Keep in mind that a 1-hour session includes 15 minutes on the track & 45 minutes of activities.

Formula Go-Karting (Seattle)

When: September 16th & 17th
Where: 1st Ave N
Cost: $65