It’s always a great week when we can start out with a new ranking. Because we always like to see where Seattle sits in comparison to other cities across the world. This time we’re getting a pretty sweet shout-out for being one of the best places to ride your bike. Are you surprised?

The new ranking comes from bicycle insurance search engine Money Beach. They looked at over 350,000 city-specific cycling hashtags on Insta to figure out which city has the most pics shared under them. It turns out that Seattle came in at #16 being beat by only one other US city, Miami, at #2. We can totally see why the tropics got a higher ranking.

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But we do see why Seattle ranked in the top 20. After all, our city is beautiful between nature, the mountains, and our urban skyline. Not to mention, the city has worked hard to make Seattle a safe place to bike with infrastructures like bike lanes and multi-use paths. This ranking might just be a reason to dust your bike off and get out there for a ride.

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand
2. Miami, United States of America
3. Paris, France
4. Beirut, Lebanon
5. Bristol, United Kingdom
6. Cambridge, United Kingdom
7. Barcelona, Spain
8. London, United Kingdom
9. Dublin, Ireland
10. Athens, Greece
11. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
12. Copenhagen, Denmark
13. Bath, United Kingdom
14. Florence, Italy
15. Atlanta, United States of America
16. Seattle, United States of America
17. Taipei, Taiwan
18. Warsaw, Poland
19. Berlin, Germany
20. Oxford, United Kingdom

The top spots kinda make sense but again, we’re just happy to see Seattle at least getting a shout-out on this list. If you’d like to see more of the data you can click here. If you end up going for a bike ride be sure to tag us in any great shots you take. Have fun out there Seattle!