Seattle may be pricey, but our beautiful city is still highly desirable, especially to those who don’t live here. U.S. News revealed that it’s actually among the best places to visit in the whole nation. That may or may not come as a surprise to you but let’s see where we sit.

U.S. News determined this ranking by an “analysis of expert and user opinions.” Who those experts and users are, we’ll never know but we’ll always take some positive press for our rainy city.

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Out of 30 places, Seattle ranks in 29th place. Not exactly at the top but in a country so large with so much to offer, we can’t complain.

The top 10 best places to visit in the US according to U.S. News are as follows:

  1. Grand Canyon National Park
  2. Yellowstone National Park
  3. Yosemite National Park
  4. Maui
  5. Glacier National Park
  6. Zion National Park
  7. Honolulu – Oahu
  8. Kauai
  9. Grand Teton National Park
  10. New York City

It’s certainly hard to beat places like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Yosemite but there are of course reasons why we made the list. U.S. New’s main fixation seemed to be coffee but specifically Starbucks, they also mentioned our “laid-back aura” and destinations like Pike Place Market, Discovery Park Chihuly Garden and Glass, and more.

Keep up the laid-back aura, Seattle.