Seattle may be pricey, and often rainy, but our beautiful city is still highly desirable, especially to those who don’t live here. U.S. News revealed that Seattle is among the best places to visit in the United States. So where exactly does it rank?

“From coastlines to big cities, the United States is made up of so many diverse destinations that it’s hard to decide which places deserve the distinction of the best in America,” states a report by U.S. News. “That’s why U.S. News considered a variety of factors, such as attractions, accommodations and dining options, as well as votes from thousands of travelers, to determine the best places to visit in the USA.”

Out of 30 places, Seattle ranks in 22nd place. According to the report, the city has plenty to offer.

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“Seattle may be known for its consistently soggy weather, but this city in the Pacific Northwest has plenty to offer travel buffs,” it says, stating that the first thing a visitor should do is “grab a coffee.”

“Then, spend some time mingling with locals and tourists at Pike Place Market before heading over to Discovery Park to walk the trails and admire West Point Lighthouse. Or, get a dose of Seattle’s art scene while perusing the exhibits at the Seattle Art Museum, Chihuly Garden and Glass, and the Olympic Sculpture Park.”

Wondering who else made the list?

The top 10 best places to visit in the US according to U.S. News are as follows:

1. Glacier National Park
2. Maui
3. Grand Canyon National Park
4. Honolulu – Oahu
5. Yellowstone National Park
6. Zion National Park
7. Yosemite National Park
8. Grand Teton National Park
9. Olympic National Park
10. Kaua’i

Other cities on the list include New York at 13, and San Fransisco at 14.

If you’re looking at local travel this year, you can check out their full list here.