Cold plunges are not new. In fact, cold showers can be good for you. Cold therapy, also called cryotherapy, “uses exposure to cold temperatures to cool the body’s tissues for therapeutic reasons,” according to UCLA Health. And if you’re looking to try a cold plunge in Seattle, a few places offer this wellness experience with all also offering hot/cold therapy. Here’s where you can go!

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Space Bar Wellness

First, we have West Seattle’s cold plunge spot Space Bar Wellness. Offering hot/cold therapy, they have infrared sauna services, and cold plunge services.
Here, you can find a 5 Plunge Pack for $125 or singular session for $30.

Where:2705 California Avenue Southwest, Seattle

City Sweats

With four locations throughout Seattle, City Sweats has several reasons to visit like its Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage, or its Infrared Sauna Therapy. And City Sweats is also home to a private cold plunge at its Wallingford location. Plunge “in the 34-degree water before or after a sauna is the ultimate in contrast therapy”! A single session is $30, and they offer “an unlimited cold plunge punch card.”

Where: 4222 Stone Way N, Seattle

Float Seattle

At Float Seattle, you can try a IR Sauna + Cold Plunge experience. This hot/cold therapy “dates back to ancient civilizations where water was used as a medium for transferring heat and cold to the body for the treatment of various ailments,” they say. This session is $60, with an added $20 to bring a guest (there is a max of two people in the room.) Float members get 25% off. At Float, they keep the cold plunge at 45-50°F.

Where: 408 Northeast 70th Street, Seattle

According to these wellness spots, benefits of cold plunging include the improvement of circulation, reduction of inflammation, mental clarity and focus.

Happy Plunge, Seattle!