If you want to start Friday on a high note, we have something pretty sweet for you. Seattle is back in the news again and this time it’s for something pretty… happy. Our rainy city just ranked as one of the happiest cities in America.

WalletHub “drew upon the various findings of positive psychology research” to determine which cities among more than 180 of the US’s largest are home to the happiest people in America. They examined each city using more than 30 key indicators of happiness including depression rate, leisure time, and the average income growth rate.

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Source: WalletHub
The top ten happiest cities in America were:
1. Fremont, CA
2. Columbia, MD
3. San Francisco, CA
4. San Jose, CA
5. Irvine, CA
6. Madison, WI
7. Seattle, WA
8. Overland Park, KS
9. Huntington Beach, CA
10. San Diego, CA
We snagged seventh place with an overall score of 67.67, 6th in emotional & physical well-being, 2nd in income & employment, and 99th in community & environment. Not too shabby if we do say so ourselves. Clearly, California seems to be the happiest state but who knows, maybe we’ll be able to catch up in the next few years.
Stay happy, Seattle!