You may remember last October when we wrote about a unique building being constructed off of Seattle’s Denny Way. Now you may be asking how could a building that’s not MoPOP or The Space Needle possibly be unique? Well, the project at 1200 Stewart Street has a whole plane in it. Let’s just call it the Seattle plane building.

The Seattle plane building, or WB1200, just proves that Seattle and Boeing go together like florals for spring. The project’s buildings include two rental residential towers, retail, creative workspace, a Live Nation music venue, a galleria, and of course, a Boeing 747 programmed as useable space. More proof that aluminum is a great recyclable material…

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Now don’t worry, this plane won’t be taking flight anytime soon, rather it’s incorporated into the project sites nearly 1.2 million square feet. In fact, the United Airlines plane hasn’t flown since 2014 when it was retired. That being said you’re probably wondering what this plane will be used for and that’s a good question. The plane will sit suspended between the two new buildings and will act as a lounge area.

Of course, the logistics have been carefully planned out by Westbank and design partner Henriquez Partners Architects. And while cool, the lounge will be for building residents so unless you’re planning on moving in, it’s unlikely any of us will get to see the interior in person.

So why are we bringing up this building again? One it’s pretty cool and two, according to KING5, the plane is supposed to be installed sometime this summer. Right now, it’s being deconstructed in the desert near LA but will soon be sectioned and loaded onto a truck for transport to the PNW.

So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Seattle plane building next time you’re on Denny Way because if you see a plane, you’re not imagining it.