The Seattle Kraken has officially been around for almost a year. As Seattle’s newest sports team, the Kraken have been in and out of the news. And now they’re back for an interesting new mascot that is ~surprise~ not a giant octopus. Let’s check out Buoy.

According to the Seattle Kraken, “Buoy, named after the nautical navigation tool, was inspired by the famous Fremont Troll sculpture in Seattle.” Buoy’s aqua-blue nose and long, blue-tinted hair immediately caught the attention of the internet and the reviews are mixed but pretty comical. Let’s check them out.

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Right off the bat… err puck, people think Buoy should have been a little more… appealing.

He is just like all of us though, occasionally making questionable decisions.

Is fear of Buoy the new coulrophobia?

What the last tweet said.

Hey, at least he can dance, kind of.

The internet has definitely been critical of Buoy but also very entertaining. Let’s check out the Kraken’s official welcome video for a little more positive light.

Have a great week Seattle, be sure to keep your eyes out for Buoy. Go Kraken!