Look we know being single isn’t easy and we know the pandemic has only made it harder. But the good news is that if you happen to be living in Seattle, single, and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, you’re in the right spot. Because Seattle just ranked as one of the best cities for LGBTQ+ singles.

The ranking took a look at 200 major US cities and used factors like LGBTQ community size, LGBTQ-friendly housing and services, and more. It will probably come as no surprise that we ranked pretty dang high. After all, Seattle has always had a strong LGBTQ+ community.

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Photo via LawnStarter

We’re a little bummed that we didn’t come in the top five but we’ll still take sixth place. What do you all think about the other city rankings? We’re kind of surprised that we were beaten by both Minneapolis and Boston but Portland seems about right. We promise we’re not salty, just curious.

Who knows now that Pride is officially returning in some capacity this fall, maybe our city will become even better for the singles. And if you are single out there, keep your head up, you’re in the right place. You can learn more about this study by clicking here.