We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Seattle and Washington as a whole have unpredictable weather. This most recent weather pattern has been a salient reminder to expect the unexpected. So here’s how the internet has reacted to Washington’s weather and the Seattle ice storm.

Coming in hot from TikTok we have Washington State Patrol working overtime to literally push drivers up Highway 18. If that’s not impressive, we don’t know what is.

@idaho1776 sitting on Tiger Summit Hwy 18 watching this state patrol hard at it. #washingtonstatepatrol #fyp #fordexplorer #truckinglife ♬ original sound – Chet

Look, Seattleites aren’t the best drivers and that’s no secret but everyone deserves a little bit of a break when the roads are basically ice rinks. With that in mind, it’s probably best to not take your car out unless you absolutely have to.

@ali_oops13 After 4 straight years of snow, you’d think they’d invest in more plows and sand trucks. #seattle #snowstorm #ice #screammovie ♬ Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! – Dean Martin

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Need an example of why you shouldn’t be on the roads today? Here you go.

Yep, don’t try.

Here’s a few different ways to get around if you absolutely need to leave the house.

Fingers crossed temperatures actually warm up this weekend. Until then, stay safe and preferably at home so you can avoid all the Seattle ice storm madness. Happy Holidays!